How to take Allotment for Russian Work Permit (Quata)

Taking quota in Moscow, Russia for work permit, it is easy with us to take work quota in Moscow

How to take Allotment for Russian Work Permit (Quata)Taking quota in Moscow, Russia for work permit, it is easy with us to take work quota in Moscow

How much foreigner work power will be getting worked in companies established in Russia, namely the quotas of companies are determined by Russian government once in a year. These determined quotas are shared amongst some companies which have given their application petition, which determines the foreign worker number which they planned to get worked until a certain time and which shows variability, to the official institution which we can translate in Turkish as Moscow protection of person’s social rights and Labour Department ДТСЗН (Департамент труда и социальной защиты Москвы) .We say some, because even if companies give their petition in time, they can’t take positive answers. Taking of positive answer depends on too many factors, we can sort some of these factors as following:

  • Activity area of company
  • Current personel number of company
  • Annual turnover of company
  • Whether it has problem related to tax or not
  • Whether there is disabled worker in the company or not
  • And other different topics

Contact with us for POSITIVE ANSWER in taking worker quota in Moscow, Russia

If an employer wants to take quota for 2025, it must give its application petition which states the foreign worker number that it plans to get worked, to official institution which can be translated to english as Moscow Worker Change Center ДТСЗН (Департамент труда и социальной защиты Москвы)until the determined month of 2024.

As in the sample below:
For 2025 until 1 of June of 2024 for example
For 2026 until 1 of September of 2025 for example
For 2027 until 1 of August of 2026 for example

Even if you didn’t take a positive answer for any reason, we can take Work quota in Moscow in the name of your company by entering to Additional Commission. The experience of experted staff of our company which gives service about migration matter since 2000, shows that these ADDITIOAL COMMISSONS happen in the months of March, April, May, June, July and sometimes in September. Contact with us before it is late, we will product solution for you in migration matters.

İmportant we can get guarenteed quota up to 6 persons(the number can change) from professions that are without quota and by shortening the duration for 1 month.