Russian Visa FAQ

Russian Federation Visa FAQ

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While entering to Russia

Before you make ticket reservation to Russia, pay attention absolutely to the beginning date of your Russia visa, it is impossible to make entry to Russia before the beginning date of your visa. As first thing, when you took your visa check all the information such as entry exit dates, the correctness of your name and surname, our date of birth, your passport name. Be sure that all information is correct. Be sure that entry seal is stamped onto your passport in airport, in passport controls and onto your migration card which will be given in passport control.

One of the obligatory conditions of registry in Russia is to present MIGRATION CARD which is taken from the responsible in passport.

Important!!!: Make definitely copy of your passport and visa and keep them separately. In case of lost of your passport and visa, making of your exit visa will be easier.

While departing from Russia

Make your ticket reservation before the expiry date of your visa or buy your ticket, it is not possible to exit from Russia after the validity term of your visa is over without taking exit visa from Russia. Taking exit visa is both quite troublesome and needs long time. Exiting from Russia becomes more troublesome than entering to Russia.Do not definitely breach this rule which is determined by Russia Federation with law. You can encounter with many criminal sanction including departing.

When a problem occurs regarding your visa make contact with the company which has invited you. The name of the company that invited you, is written on visa, note the contacts of its office in Russia of this company. According to laws of Russia Federation, only the company which has invited you can solve problems regarding your visa by submitting some documents to Russia Federation Federal Migration Service(UVM) which is a local department of Russia Federation Ministry of Interior. It is very important that it is needed to get your visa from reliable place.

For each specific problem, it can be more effective solutions, we have the necessary knowledge equipment to create solutions about this matter and we are in the link of chains where solutions are created in the face of these problems in Russia.

1 - I can’t find the company that invited me

In all likelihood you are invited by a company which has chosen temporariness instead of permanence. We are ready to help you in this matter as a company which has proved its reliability since 2000.

2 - The company that invited me is in another city.

As of 8 July 2018, according to new rule, companies can’t get the individuals, it invited, registered under no circumstance(if construction companies have accomodation possibilities in Project areas, they can make registry). You should make your registry with your own possibilities, you should go with the owner of the house where you will stay to Russia Federation Federal Migration Service(UVM), to the passport and registry department and get registered. You have the obligation of registry within 7 working days in every city of Russia, otherwise you should pay the punishment called administrative punishment which can be a reason which prevents you from entering to Russia. If you don’t have possibility to make registry, do not hesitate to contact us in this case. The question how you will be able to make, can come into your head. We can register you in a hostel in Moscow with which we have an agreement.

3 - The company that invited me doesn’t want to help

In all likelihood, it means the company which has invited you has problem. That you force the company that invited you, to help you in this matter will not show result. Finding new company which gives you confidence in helping you and you may request from this company to transfer of all responsibilities to them. We are ready to help you in this matter as a company which has proved its reliability since 2000.

4 - I couldn’t register my visa in 7 working days after my coming to Russia.

In this case you need to pay the punishment called administrative punishment in any polişce station, to get the protocol writing and to apply to the company that invited you. In fact this protocol is valid for 7 days, if you didn’t register again after the payment of protocol and you are controlled by the police, it is by law that you pay punishment again. Try to get rid of this situation without making protocol, these protocols will confront you in the future as obstacle to your getting visa.

5 - The company that invited me couldn’t make my registry

After all, as of 8 July 2018, according to new rule, companies can’t get the individuals, it invited, registered under no circumstance (if construction companies have accommodation possibilities in Project areas, they can make registry). Do not hesitate to contact us if your registry can’t be made in Moscow. You can benefit from our possibility of being able to make registry in Moscow.

6 - I’m departing from Russia but still couldn’t get my visa registered

If you didn’t get your Russian visa registered within 7 working days after your coming to Russia, if a police stops you to check your passport , it will punish you as mentioned above, if you came to airport without being punished, in all likelihood you will not be punished, since, according to new applications, registries are not recorded to passports and Russia migration cards, it will not be paid attention to whether the registry is made or not in passport controls in Russia airports.

8 - There is mistake in my Russia visa, I want to make it corrected

You came to Russia, the consulate has made mistake in your visa, you realized it later and you need to correct it, depending on mistake, the company that invited you to Russia can make this mistake corrected in related department of Russia Ministry of foreign Affairs(MID).

9 - I want to extend my Russia visa

Russia visa can’t be extended under normal conditions. Extending of Russia visa is possible in extraordinary cases and can be extended for a couple of days. We definitely recommend you to exist before the visa period is over.

There are watch consulates in airports Sheremetevo,Vnukovo and Domodedova in Moscow; in Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg, these consulates can give Russia exit visa to individuals whose visas are expired 1-2 days before. Initiative about giving visa or not belongs to these consulates. If you are forced to get Russia exit visa for any reason contact with us.

10 - My Russia visa is expired

As it is needed visa for entering to Russia, it is needed also Russia exit visa for being able to exit from Russia.When the visa is expired you can’t make exit. Do not hesitate to contact us about Russia exit visa.

11 - I lost my Russian visa and passport

The first thing to do is to go to police station and notice that you lost your passport. It will be given a document to you in reference to lose- SPRAVKA in Russian-. You must go with this document-SPRAVKA- to your consulate in Moscow and declare the situation, the consulate will give you TRAVEL DOCUMENT which you can use as passport. If you followed our previous recommendations you must have copy of your passport and visa at your hand. You need to bring TRAVEL DOCUMENT, SPRAVKA which is taken from police station, one mat passport photo, to the company which invited you, Taking time of Russia exit visa can be elongated up to 1 month. Companies that are specialized in these matters, that are in the chain where solutions are created, can accelerate this process. Don’t hesitate to contact us about this matter.

12 - I’m stopped by the police

If you took your Russia visa relevant and get your registry made on time, it means there is no problem. It is recommended that you choose the way of agreement in a polite way without forgetting that you are in a foreign country and without getting angry in any event.

13 - I’m not allowed to enter to Russia

Taking Russia visa doesn’t guarantee that you will enter to Russia. But possible reasons can be: your passport could become old or tear, doesn’t matter more or less. It could come to conclusion that your visa is not suitable to your purpose. There can be deficiency in you enter and exit seals.

Important!!! Be sure that all information is written correct when you take your passport new. If your passport is worn don’t repair yourself. If you are in Turkey, renew your passport, if it is worn in Russia, renew the passport in consulate. If you renewed your passport in Russia, request from the company which invited you, to give your Russian visa in relation to valid new passport. If you renewed the passport and didn’t get your visa in relation to new passport, you can’t exit from Russia with your new passport even if you have old passport. Yes there is no clause 7, did you realize it? Oh. you didn’t realize, read again.

Our important recommendations for not having problem regarding Russia visa:

  1. Take your visa from a reliable company that makes Russia visa and have the contact details in Russia of this company with you.
  2. Take the visa which is suitable to your purpose of coming to Russia.
  3. Get your visa registered on time. In 7 working days.
  4. Take the copy of your passport, your Russia visa, your Russia registry, your migration card and keep them in a secure place.
  5. Don’t forget the expiry date of your Russia. Don’t forget that you should exit from Russia before the end of your visa.

Little things can have great meanings.

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