Russian Visa for a Family Member

Russian Federation Visa for a Family Member

Our answer to your questions like How can I bring my wife to Russia, how can I bring my child to Russia, I want to bring my wife and child to Russia next to me.’

Visa to Russia for family member; persons that has both commercial and business visa and work permit of Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS-VKS) for one year or three years means that they can bring their wife and children(under 18 years old)together themselves as far as the duration of their visa. We can call this type of visa companion Russia Visa or family member Russian Visa. Taking of this type of visa, namely Visa to Russia for family member, is very easy procedure for us.

The documents which we will request from you in our application of visa to Russia for family member:

  • Scanned copy of passport,
  • Apostilled, notarized Russian translation of marriage certificate,
  • Apostilled, notarized Russian translation of child’s identity card,
  • Copies of passport, visa, migration card and registry of the main member of family, namely the person that is in Russia.

In case that you contacted with us, this procedure which is troublesome will come down to more ordinary, but if it is stil troublesome for you or if your family member will just visit you, we recommend you Russian guest visa with which your family member will come to Russia as quest. This visa can’t be longer than 3 months. Please contact for details.