Russian Guest Visa

Russian Federation Guest Visa

Guest visa to Russia, How to make private visit to Russia...I want to go to next to my Girl friend, I want to bring my quest to Russia, My guest will come to Russia…It is very easy with us

Many foreigners plan to come to their relative, spouse, friends, beloveds that live in Russia for a visit. Visa type which is suitable for this purpose is Private visit(Частной визит ) or guest visa(Гостевое приглашение ). In order to get visa for private visit purpose, it is needed to issue invitation for private visit purpose, this type of invitation can be issued by each Russian citizen that passed 18 years old, by application to the Russian Federation Immigration Service of its registered region. But this is very long process. It takes approximately 40-50 days. Besides, the Russian citizen which will make invitation, should guarantee the place where invited foreigner will stay and should guarantee that in case of breach of migration laws which requires the deportation from Russia, or in case of breach of other laws, it should guarantee to cover all kind of costs. If you have 40 - 50 days of time and the Russian citizen that will invite you, will take above aforesaid responsibilities, we recommend you to take private visit invitation. If you don’t have that much of time and say that I don’t want the Russian citizen which will invite you, to bear these responsibilities, we can issue RUSSIA GUEST VISA to you from our company. Russia guest invitation can be of 3 months with one or two entry. This process is 8 calendar days.

Don’t absolutely forget to get your visa registered when you came to Russia...

The needed documents for guest visa and things that we need to know:

  • Original Passport
  • 3*4 passport photo with white background
  • The date you want to enter to Russia
  • To which city or cities you will go in Russia

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